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Cees van Alff - President, Polifer Europe

Polifer Europe BV is a Dutch safe manufacturing and trading company, world renowned and based in Holland since 1938.  My company has been purchasing the Hamber Minder and NC underfloor safes for over 15 years.
Our customers are very satisfied with the high quality; as a matter of fact we have no knowledge of a successful burglary attempt on a Hamber underfloor safe.
This proves that Hamber underfloor safes are well engineered and that the designs offer excellent resistance to attacks. Hamber safes are regarded by the insurance industry as the” Rolls Royce” amongst safes in general.
We therefore feel comfortable, because of the high quality and reliability. The Hamber underfloor safes are easy to use, We confidently provide Hamber Safes to our growing European customer base.  We honestly believe that these high security safes have a quality second to none.

Cees van Alff



Tom Adams, Safeguard Devices, Ballygowen, N.Ireland

When I first saw a Hamber Safe, it was obvious to me that it was something a bit special. The quality of engineering stood out a mile. I think those first impressions must have been right, as I've been selling them now for over 20 years



A. Collier, A.C.L.Locksmiths Limited, Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Hamber underfloor safes are made to give excellent resistance to attack.  The exclusive designs are easy to operate.  The safes are reliable, well made, and are good examples of the best of British engineering. Receiving a call to open a Hamber Safe is not something I look forward to - they do not make it easy even for us locksmiths & safe engineers!.

The ceramic discs they have introduced are a major headache to bypass.

We have been dealing with Hamber for a number of years now and find them friendly and very helpful, should we need any technical assistance.

Highly Recommended



Daniel John Gill, Dip. G. A. I., M. Inst. A. I.  GEO. Michie Limited, Darlington, Co Durham

My company took on the sales of Hamber Safes some 16 Years ago.  We found that over the years we have sold many makes of safes. I feel very confident in selling Hamber Safes as they are extra strong and very well made.  In all these years I have never had Hamber Safe returned.

We have sold to the commercial and domestic market with 100% confidence in the product.

So Henry roll on the next 25 years selling your excellent safes!






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